Cloud Complete vs Office 365

86% of business

customers prefer to purchase Microsoft technology, including cloud services, through partner channels.

At Cloud Complete, we are constantly compared against Office 365 plans as seen on Microsoft website, especially when it comes to the cost. Should you buy directly from Microsoft or should you work with us? If you have that question in mind, read on.

Purchasing Office 365 directly from Telstra or Microsoft gives you the licences, but migration has to be managed by customers themselves.

Many customers end up using it only for email and the Office suite and as a result, they don’t get maximum ROI from Cloud.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in a recent study, IDC and Microsoft concluded that 86% of business customers prefer to purchase Microsoft technology, including cloud services, through partner channels. In addition to providing comprehensive solutions, partners also serve as trusted advisors in many cases as they are committed to a long term relationship with their customers.

With our comprehensive solution Cloud Complete, we believe in getting the best of the cloud for our customers. That means, ensuring that you not only get Office 365 but use it to its maximum potential through our training and monthly webinars. Add in 24*7 support, managed security and web hosting, you get the complete package for your business. And all this, at a price of about $13 per user a day. 

What benefits can you expect
when you become a customer of Cloud Complete?

BenefitsCloud CompleteOffice 365
Office 365
Cloud Managed Antivirus
Cloud Mail Signatures
24×7 Premium Support
Email Backup
Dropbox Business integration
Web hosting
Domain name registration
Access to Office 365 experts in Australia
Free training webinars
Paid training and consulting services
Maximum ROI from Cloud

Using Office 365 effectively?

Leave the admin to us

Managing Office 365 yourself?
Let our certified cloud technicians take care of it.

Most small business owners manage and administer Office 365 themselves. Lack of expertise exposes them to mistakes and potential security risks. Cloud Complete provides you with access to our team of certified cloud technicians who will handle the administration for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In partnership with

How can
Cloud Complete help you?

We give you the best of the cloud


Is your business
well protected?

100% of businesses surveyed said that protection from online threats was highly important to them. Yet, 24% of business PC's do not have adequate protection from online threats leaving them, on average, 5.5 times more likely to be infected with malware. Worryingly, many of those 24% believed they had adequate protection in place.


There are not enough
hours in the day?

Employees are used to remarking that they don’t have enough hours in the day to complete their tasks and they would love an extra hour. But on an average, an employee spends more than 3 hours a day working on emails, not exactly by choice as the primary mode of communication is by emails. In the long run, this constant need to catch up on pending work affects their morale.


Is technology
breaking the bank?

Traditionally, investing in the latest technology meant large upfront costs and unpredictable on-going support and maintenance fees. This, coupled with the fact that technology can go obsolete very soon makes investing in technology without proper guidance a bane rather than a boon!


Great, affordable support
is hard to find.

90% of business owners surveyed indicate they would only call support after attempting to troubleshoot and solve problems themselves due to high cost, lack of good help and unavailability outside of regular business hours. Instead, they learn to live with the problem or invest an inordinate amount of time attempting to solve the problem themselves. Time which is better spent doing what they do best.