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Cloud Complete understands collaboration is essential to keeping your business ahead of the competition.

Collaborative workplaces are more productive, they have improved problem solving capabilities, they’re more engaged, and make for better team players.

Here at Cloud Complete, we’re helping businesses overcome the barriers and enhance their collaborative efforts by shifting the focus from emails. That’s right, convoluted communication chains simply don’t cut it for a truly collaborative environment.
With an array of tools, we can equip your business with everything it needs to take a more dynamic approach to workplace collaboration. From real-time chats and social engagement to sharing important files – we’ll ensure you hit the ground running.

What do we offer to help
your business collaborate?


There’s more to OneDrive for Business than vast amounts of cloud storage space. OneDrive for Business enables teams to better manage their workflow outside their inboxes by sharing files from one single up-to-date source.

Whether it be a Word document, Excel file or PowerPoint presentation, multiple parties inside and outside the company can edit documents at the same time while other team members are notified in real-time. And from the OneDrive for Business dashboard, you can easily retain control over who can make changes and from where.


People are moving around more than ever and thanks to mobile technology, it’s entirely possible to stay connected no matter where you are or what time zone you’re in.

Skype for Business facilitates real-time chats and audio and video calls, while keeping you notified of who is available, away, busy, or in a meeting. And you can do everything on the run with the Skype for Business Apps for iOS and Android.


Forget about email groups and delayed responses. Microsoft Teams is a real-time chat software that enables project groups to instantly join in discussion.

Team members can organise conversations by topic and provide quick access to documents which can be worked on from within the Microsoft Teams environment. It might even free up your meeting rooms while saving a few travel expenses too.


The key to productivity is great team organisation. Office Planner offers a single intuitive environment where you can organise and assign tasks to team members while continually recording and tracking progress.

Each task plan has its own visual board where tasks can be separated into different project buckets based on team members or status.


For a truly engaged workforce, there must be a channel for some constructive fun. Yammer is a business social network that allows employees to share their news, achievements and insights right across a business (without adding to the list of company-wide emails!)

By breaking down silos, Yammer is a great way for workforces to build relationships and develop a better understanding of the “bigger picture”.


Microsoft Delve takes the time and hassle out of searching for information across multiple platforms – because it does it for you.

By managing your Office 365 profile with Delve, any information that may be relevant to you or your project team will be automatically surfaced and presented to you.

How can Cloud Complete
help you realise the benefits?

We get it. Bringing new tools into any business is only part of the game; it’s knowing how to get the most out of them that really counts. And we know there’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to finding and implementing the right tools for your business. Cloud Complete has got you covered. Here’s our range of comprehensive services that’ll ensure you get the most out of your new software at every stage.


Initial consultation

We understand it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. During the consultation, we’ll thoroughly discuss your individual business’ needs to enable us to assess and propose which tools will truly have a positive impact on your business’ productivity.



Once we have identified the right solutions for your business, one of our experts will deliver two one-hour training sessions to your team so you can learn everything you need to know about the tools identified. But we won’t leave you stuck – further training is always available should you need it.


Monthly webinars

We value customer feedback at Cloud Complete because it allows us to identify any issues and challenges our customers are facing. We use this feedback to help us choose a specific tool or feature for discussion in our monthly one-hour interactive webinars. Each webinar addresses the benefits of the tool or feature in question and how it will impact your business.


Ongoing support

Cloud Complete understands that maximising collaboration and productivity in your business using Microsoft Office 365 is an ongoing journey – that’s why our customers are never left alone. Cloud Complete will guide you and your team members through this journey by providing the training and resources needed to digitally transform your business. Our qualified technicians are on hand to help 24*7 – only one phone call away. For more information on support, visit our solutions page here.

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