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How can Microsoft OneDrive boost your business’ productivity?

Limited storage space, difficulties sharing files and the unwanted burden of regularly backing up data are all a thing of the past for the modern office. That’s right, Microsoft’s OneDrive has changed the game for the better with its cloud-based file sharing and storage solution, specially designed for business.

In a highly competitive environment, OneDrive for Business helps modern workplaces maximise productivity while Cloud Complete will ensure you get the most out of every feature. With 1 TB of storage space and the capability to sync to desktop and mobile apps included in all Cloud Complete plans, OneDrive encourages collaboration and brings a more efficient means of managing vast amounts of digital content. Here’s a closer look at how it is achieved.

Collaboration is key

The focus on collaboration in today’s workplace is greater now than it’s ever been. To gain the competitive edge, businesses recognise the importance of fostering a talent pool that can solve problems and contribute to the strategic direction. To do this, individuals across different business functions (internal and external) must work closely together, combining their complementary skill sets while developing a deeper understanding of the “bigger picture”.

But mainstream digital technologies have their limitations when it comes to achieving these objectives. Yes – we’re talking about email reliance. Collaborative efforts via back and forth emails can be extremely arduous and ineffective – especially where multiple team members are required to review and contribute to project documents. The inability to work at the same time can lead to unnecessary duplication of efforts among team members, while valuable time is wasted merging multiple sets of changes.

Furthermore, the risks of error and misinterpretation of information are very real when protracted email chains make it so easy to lose track of the most recent file (not to mention the difficulties caused when important contacts are missed from the ‘cc’ list).

A more streamlined collaborative effort

OneDrive leverages all the benefits of cloud technology to create a single source of Truth (SSOT) that enables files to be shared so everyone can work together at the same time. That means – no more “file locked for editing” messages, emailing back and forth, amalgamating changes, and no more doubts about whether you’ve actually got the most recent file in-hand.

Whether it’s a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel file, there will only ever be one up-to-date version in OneDrive. Making for a truly streamlined collaborative effort, team members, inside and outside the business, can gain access to files while each will receive real-time notifications of who is editing the document at the same time and when the file has been accessed by others. In practice, this means single documents that have relevance across different business functions, such as Excel spreadsheets for finances or project management, can be edited by multiple people at any given time.

With flexible working arrangements on the rise and B2B collaborations moving people around more than ever, high productivity must be maintained. Business needs to continue no matter where you are or what device you’re working on. OneDrive allows users to sync files to their PCs, Macs and mobile devices so you can continue to work from any location, even when offline.

Taking the hassle out of file management

Handling increasing amounts of digital content presents a challenge for all businesses – especially when it comes to the risk of error and process efficiency. OneDrive makes the task of file management easy, failsafe and secure with several unique features.

From the online dashboard, users can control how information is shared and with whom. This is incredibly useful when working alongside external partners or different departments who require limited access to information. Furthermore, users can go one step further by restricting the syncing of specific file types, denying syncing to non-domain joined PCs, and denying access from certain devices and specific networks.

The days of time-consuming and clunky search experiences are over too. OneDrive works together with Office Delve to ensure any stored information that may be relevant to your project or team members is automatically surfaced and delivered straight to the user.

And remember, there’s always a second chance with OneDrive. While files from any mobile device, PC or Mac will be automatically backed up in OneDrive, users can restore previous versions of files from Version History to reverse mistakes and prevent accidental data loss.

Implementing Microsoft OneDrive will lead to a more efficient and productive business. It raises the bar for what it means to be a truly collaborative organisation in a competitive landscape. At the same time, OneDrive brings a more resourceful and secure system for storing and handling large quantities of files as our reliance on digital content continues to grow.

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