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It’s time to take security seriously.

Doing business online is a fundamental part of what it means to be a modern professional, but Cloud Complete knows the threats here are very real. From scam emails to viruses, there can be disastrous consequences for businesses that fail to safeguard confidential and sensitive information.

Security threats come in various guises, so Cloud Complete provides you with eyes and ears in all places – that means a multi-layered approach to online security. That’s right, it’s no longer enough to rely solely on antivirus software. Cloud Complete’s range of security measures including antivirus, advanced spam filtering and backup will ensure you have the best protection against a variety of threats while giving you peace of mind with an up-to-date copy of all your data.

How Cloud Complete keeps your business secure


With our cloud antivirus, Cloud Complete can keep your business secure from people attempting to deliberately damage data, extort money from your organisation or gain access to information using viruses, ransomware or malware.

Cloud Complete’s advanced SPAM filtering capability will ensure the risks are minimised by preventing unsolicited emails from entering inboxes right across your organisation.


We know it’s necessary for many businesses to implement legal hold policies aimed at preserving information within users’ inboxes. Similarly, a solid Information Rights Management plan is integral to ensuring sensitive information isn’t misused, shared or copied by unauthorised people.

Advanced security features offered by Cloud Complete will enable your business to achieve both objectives by storing deleted emails and limiting the actions specific users can take on files.


Inboxes are a labyrinth of communication – sometimes dating back years – and we know how important it is to have it all on hand should the need arise.

Cloud Complete ensures all emails are backed up for easy retrieval in the event of loss from any cause – whether accidental or deliberate. With us, all it takes is one single click to bring back your data.


Cloud technology has been a real game-changer for the modern business. It enables data to be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and where necessary – by multiple parties at the same time. That means people outside the business – like ex-employees – could gain unauthorised access unless you take great care and act promptly. At all times, Cloud Complete will give you peace of mind by making sure your data is only accessible by authorised people.

Our team of qualified technicians will take care of all your cloud management and administration requirements. This could include managing user access to the right information, creating and removing accounts for incoming and outgoing staff members, and restricting access to cloud data when suspicious activity is logged

Why Cloud Complete is best for your security

Maximum performance

Many antivirus packages procured from mainstream retailers can be more a burden than a support. They slow down systems, and in some cases, lead to glitches which cause frustration and loss of productivity. But disabling your antivirus because it’s slowing you down or won’t let you open an attachment is a risky game leaving you wide open to threats. That’s why Cloud Complete’s antivirus can’t be disabled – but fear not – we’ve designed it specially for maximum protection without impeding system performance. It’s so discreet – you won’t even know it’s there.


Cloud Complete understands there’s no downtime for online threats; they lurk around every corner. That’s why our antivirus software is always on guard and can’t be turned off. What’s more, while most antivirus products need to download the latest virus definitions to ensure they’re protecting against the newest threats, our software uses the cloud to automatically ensure it’s always up-todate.


In a growing business we know PCs are continually changing hands, while staff numbers are on the rise. This means keeping track of every PC’s antivirus protection status and renewing subscriptions becomes a heavier burden over time. Cloud Complete’s cloud-based antivirus software takes away this administrative burden by providing up-to-date protection at all times without the need for renewals. So,you’ll never again run the risk of staff members operating PCs when antivirus protection has lapsed

Peace of mind

We’re always looking out for our customers here at Cloud Complete which means we’ll monitor your PCs and be ready to act on infections. We’ll also make sure there won’t be any adverse consequences if data is deleted, either in error or by malicious intent.




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