Want to know more about the Cloud?

In today’s world, more and more companies are looking to modern technology for a range of benefits – right from mobility to attracting top talent and reducing overhead costs.

The cloud has the power to prepare your business for the future.

But, what is the cloud and how will it help you and your business?

Cloud Talk – Our video series will help you understand the power of the cloud. Each video covers a particular topic and is about ten minutes in duration.

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About the Speakers

Tas Gray
Tas lives and breathes cloud. Over the course of his work experience at Axiom IT and now Cloud Complete, Tas has seen how the cloud can benefit businesses in reducing costs, increasing productivity and more. With these videos, he wants to let the world know how awesome Cloud is.

Ganesh Natarajan
Ganesh is a new entrant to the world of cloud and is still awed by it. As a person who has worked in traditional offices who have retained the same style of functioning for several years, the cloud was a welcome change. He is now a Cloud Evangelist

Cloud Talk - Cloud Complete

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